This project is created to draw those that have experienced or are currently experiencing shame to any form of capacity. While many people have experienced shame within their past and are currently walking in complete freedom; many people are still bound to their past decisions, humiliation, betrayal, broken trust, church trauma and so much more. Join me and all those that have intentionally decided to get out of our own way, tell our stories and encourage every viewer around the world for the “I SEE ME” series. This radical series will be the first kick off to our “SHAM3L3SS PROJECT." It’s truly my hope that every viewer around the world will be uplifted, motivated, inspired and drawn closer to Christ Jesus. My hope is that even the person reading this right now will realize that you aren’t alone, will realize that you don’t have to hide anymore or run because someone or something reminds you of your past pain or triggers you.


None of us are perfect; in fact, Romans 3:23 tells us “FOR ALL HAVE SINNED AND COME SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD” but one thing I love about God is that He sees what many people have failed to see in us all, He sees the depths of our hearts, He sees who we’re becoming when people can only focus on who we’ve been or what we’ve done. So, you messed up, they talked about you, they had a field day with your secrets, they enjoyed pulling back your bandages, they abused you, they used you, you’ve continuously repeated patterns and you’ve even found yourself falling short; Okay! While the list may go on; you replaying your faults and allowing others to hold you hostage  doesn’t benefit who you are now, who you’re becoming or the woman or man God created and destined you to be.


Can I just encourage you right now and let you know that “YOUR SCARS QUALIFY YOU AND WHAT YOU THOUGHT WAS FAILURE WAS ACTUALLY GOD’S WAY OF REINVENTING, RESTORING, REDEEMING AND REVIVING YOU”. While I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t always take pain for our loving father to bless us. There will come moments and there have been moments within all of our lives where if it wasn’t for the lessons pain taught us we wouldn’t be who we are today nor would we be qualified to go where God is taking us. As you embark on this radical series I want you all to have fun, enjoy the videos, acknowledge where you are in life, identify the changes you need to make within yourself, look around you and see if your environment is conducive for who you’re becoming, ask yourself if any of the stories relate to your own, seek God for instructions and figure out the steps you need to take, most importantly lean on The Lord for your complete healing and freedom. Within this series you’ll see some incredible familiar faces but you’ll also see me walk up to complete strangers and ask them if they’ll be willing to share their personal testimonies on “OVERCOMING SHAME & GETTING OUT OF THEIR OWN WAY."  I'll even be sharing the drive behind this project and what/why it was necessary for me to breakthrough and breakout of shame.  SO GET READY FOR TAKE OFF,  SNATCH THE SHAMEFUL RESTRICTIONS OFF AND ENJOY THIS RIDE ON FREEDOM LANE….




If you'd like to join our series, learn more about the "SHAM3L3SS PROJECT" or let us know how this series has helped you see yourself, learn something new and overcome shame; Click the link below and email us today.