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Here at From a Heart of WoRship Inc. we strive to promote positive mental, emotional and spiritual development in the lives of every youth and young adult that we are graced to encounter. From a Heart of WoRship Inc. is a movement designed to uplift, enhance, push, empower and encourage the lives of youth, young adults and individuals of all ages, races and genders all around the world. From a Heart of WoRship Inc. empowers and pushes individuals to live on purpose, reach into their divine destiny and live out their greatest potential within life.


Our services are centered towards but not limited to Youth Mentorship, advocacy and raising awareness for Homelessness, self-harm, suicide prevention and sexual assault. We here at From A Heart of WoRship Inc. believe that You are not your current situation nor are you your past. We believe that through Christ you can overcome anything and with faith, love and perseverance your future will always look brighter. We believe that Our past can only hold us captive if we as individuals refuse to be honest with ourselves and with those that God has planted within our lives; to assist, cultivate, foster, nurture, love and help pull us out of the pit that we may currently be in.” We believe that if we do not acknowledge and address the trauma and past pain that we’ve endured; it can lead to a life of brokenness, affect our future, our relationships, take a toll on our mind, body, soul, heart and spirit.



This will eventually affect our behavior, interactions, our relationship with Christ, our love for ourselves and worst-case scenario even our livelihood. Those things that we as individuals have chosen to sweep under the rug and leave unaddressed can do more damage to us in the future than when we experienced them.



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