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Passion Led Us Here

Words From Our Founder

"Hi everyone, my name is Janay and I love helping those in need, honestly I know what it is firsthand to endure struggle, heartache and perpetual cycles. But while these are so familiar; I also know what the pure, unconditional and cleansing love of God feels and looks like. It's truly through His love, grace, mercy and power that overcoming, perseverance, hope and greater were even possible for me and are also possible for you. Let me reassure you on today that you aren't alone, that you aren't your past or current circumstances; God not only loves you, but He truly cares for you. My hope is that no matter what you've endured or no matter what you're currently enduring; that you'll trust and believe that there's more to you and more to your story. It is my mission through the power, love, strength and grace of God to help those that are lost, drowning in despair and that would prefer giving up on life instead of believing God for greater. As God permits and as His Holy Spirit leads me to, I’m determined to pull others out, assist others into the direction of their divine destiny and draw others closer to Christ. I lean on the fact that it’s no good thing that I’ve done or that I am doing but this victory and all the praise belongs to Jesus!"


Care packages are available all year round by mail if out of state or by hand delivery if located in the surrounding Connecticut area, these packages include:

-Throw blankets
-Pajama pants

-Winter Scarf
-Winter hats
-Pens and notebooks
-Book bags
-A Prayer card

-Bathing essentials & Hygiene products

All packages also include resources that raise awareness for homelessness, suicide & self-harm prevention, sexual assault awareness and that have vital learning tools for youth.


But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him?

John 3:17


Show love, compassion and generosity during the up-and-coming holidays and enter a family you may know in the HeaRt of Our HaRvest & Christmas Giveaway. Send your emails in today and tell me why this person or this family is so special to you. "Haven't seen family or friends in a long time because of relocating or other personal reasons" that's fine you can enter your family as well.
HeaRt of our HaRvest
2 families will be selected to receive a basket of non-perishable items and a $100 grocery gift card for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Christmas Giveaway
2 families will be selected to receive a basket of toys, a throw blanket and hygiene products for their children or loved ones that are in their care during the Christmas holiday. (Baskets will be age appropriate for each recipient) Please note that the recipients that receive from this giveaway and the HeaRt of our HaRvest will also receive resources that raise awareness for homelessness, suicide & self-harm prevention, sexual assault awareness and vital learning tools for youth.

HeaRt of Our HaRvest & Christmas Giveaway

If you or someone you know are in need of extra help during the up-and-coming holidays or are in need of a care package, please email us below and provide the family size, the age of the child/children or adult and their gender.

Deadline for Thanksgiving submissions are June 30, 2023
Deadline for Christmas submissions are July 31, 2023
Please note that this is absolutely free

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