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pray with me

Heavenly Father I thank you,


Your love Continues to engulf me and your arms have remained wide open for me. You renew my strength daily and I believe that you have need of me. Despite my faults, setbacks and countless mistakes I believe that you love and think highly of me. Because of your word I know that I am worth more than rubies, because of your word I know that I am the apple of your eye, because of your word I believe that through you I can do all things that strengthens me, because of your word I know that even when the weapons form they won’t prosper and even in my weakness your power is perfected. 


Today I choose to allow you into my heart, I give you permission to transform my mind, my spirit and overall my life. Deliver me God in those areas I may not realize I need deliverance in. Heal me so that I may be healed and free me so that I will be free. You are my potter and I am your clay. I long to know you, I long to obey you and I long to make you smile. God I’ve realized that when all else fails you won’t, I choose to put all of my confidence, hope and trust in you. I've found safety, love, peace, joy, strength, grace and mercy within you. Order my steps Lord so that I don’t slip, it is my desire to please you. Your word tells me that you no longer call me servant but friend and that’s who I want to be to you on today and every day.


Throughout the years, months, weeks and days you’ve continuously stuck closer to me than a brother. I don’t only want to be a recipient of your love but I want to reciprocate that same love unto you. Yes, I want more of you but it’s time that I give you more of me. So, God I welcome you to sup with me, I invite your Holy spirit to consume me. Bind your truth and mercy around my neck and write it on the tablet of my Heart. I know that in this I will find favor and good understanding in your sight and in the sight of people. I’m tired of relying on my own understanding; I’m ready to acknowledge you in all of my ways, I’m ready to follow you and walk in your will for my life. I relinquish all control, forgive me for always thinking that my way was the best way. Lord, you know me better than I know myself, you see and know the most inner and deepest parts of me, yet your love has remained constant and consistent for me. Thank you for being an unchanging and unwavering God. Even in your chastisement I’ve found so much safety and love. I ask that you guide me and lead me on today, help me to fulfill my purpose in life, in all things bless me to seek you first and give me the strength to keep going even when life seems dark. I believe that you are the God of the Hills and valleys and your light illuminates while your compassion penetrates during the most darkest hours. God, I know that you’ve endowed me with power from on high and because of you I can overcome anything. Lord bless me to see that I am not my past, bless me to see that my current circumstances can only define my future if I allow them to. Lord my life is in your hands, I give up my plans for yours.

Thy will be done in my life, make me over, transform me from the inside out and create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. Hold my hand as I relinquish all pride, worry, doubt, fear, rebellion, self-hate, unforgiveness and everything else that I've put before you and made god over my life. Forgive me father, draw me closer on today and reveal to me your mysteries. You are a chain breaker, and you have the power to break every yoke of bondage. God I need you and from this day forward I choose to follow you and put all of my trust in you. There is no plot, scheme, trick or plan orchestrated by Satan that you haven't demolished or demobilized. So today I say thank you for your unfailing love, your protection, your grace, your mercy, your friendship, your fatherhood and for your Holy Spirit which comforts me and has become an unquenchable flame within me.  



HOSEA 11:1

When Israel was a child I loved Him, and out of Egypt I called my son.  (CSB)


Welcome to The Prayer Room where Prevention meets Prayer and the desire for more of God meets expectancy! From a Heart of WoRship Inc. believes that there is vitality within prayer and that prayer is truly a lifeline. Often, we as individuals allow shame, guilt, the fear of judgment, condemnation, doubt, pride and so much more to hinder us from reaching out for help. Yet, there comes a point within life where we all can say that "we've tried everything else to mend our brokenness and heal our wounds"; yet nothing worked.


On today be willing to go against the grain, go beyond comfortability, beyond the familiar and be willing to be vulnerable, transparent and honest about where you are within life. Whether you're honest with a trusted friend, spouse, loved one, mentor, pastor or most importantly honest with yourself about where you currently are; mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


While God already knows your current state; it's important that we understand how imperative our honesty with Him is. There's power in honesty and within prayer. Prayer allows us all to build an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. On today I hope that you begin to realize that you are not alone and that your life and heart matter. We are here to pray for you, pray with you and assist you in your process of healing and complete wholeness.  

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