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Our Youth Mentorship Services


We here at From a Heart of WoRship Inc. strive to promote positive mental, emotional and spiritual development in the lives of every youth and young adult that we are graced to encounter. Our program allows youth and young adults (young men and young women) ranging from the ages of 7-21 years old to engage in extra curriculum educational and biblical activities, charity and Humanitarian work, reading fundamentals, virtual and in person mentorship. Our program provides youth & young adults with healthy emotional and problem focused coping skills, encourages group activities, provides youth with positive & youth based paid photo shoot opportunities and platforms to encourage and uplift those amongst them through their gifts and stories while we at From a Heart of WoRship Inc. reassure all youth that their voice, lives and feelings matter.

A 45-minute Consultation is required with all youth under the age of 18 years old and with a parent/guardian before services can start. This consultation will help the youth, the mentor and the parent acquaint, consult pricing, the length of each meeting, gain clarity of youth or young adults needs or desires from our programs.

Virtual sessions will be held 3 days out of each week, two sessions will consist of one-on-one virtual sessions and the third session of each week will consist of group virtual sessions which will allow the youth to positively acquaint, interact with one another and work on group projects.

We offer mentorship all year round (Spring break, summer break, Winter break, After School and even during the holidays upon request.
Upon completion of the program each youth will receive a certificate of completion and further information/resources that will continue to help them on their individual journey of success, self-love and self-care.

We Offer Virtual Mentorship Services for All Youth & Young Adults Around the World 


To inquire about our youth Mentorship services and prices you can send your inquiry Below. A consultation will be set in place to help us discuss your youths needs from the program and help answer any other questions you may have regarding the program.


All pricing includes apparel, curriculum, weekly sessions and gift bags.


All pricing includes apparel, curriculum, weekly sessions and gift bags.


All pricing includes apparel, curriculum, weekly sessions and gift bags.

Our programs consist of 6, 8 or 12 weeks of Mentorship. Youth/young adults will be provided with weekly curriculum, self-care homework, creative writing assignments, reading material and tools/resources that will vary in topic week by week.

All youth and young adults will be provided with a care package and a book bag or tote that will include a variety of resources that will ensure encouragement, promote self-care and self-love throughout and after the completion of the mentorship program. Book bags or tote bags will also include a variety of gifts of appreciation that differ from each program.

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