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Welcome To The MaRked In Tulle Project

Welcome to the MaRked in Tulle Project Where we are Empowering, Encouraging and Mentoring the young women of today that will soon become the Equipped women of tomorrow! We Promote self-love, self-care and encourage young women to walk in truth, embrace their uniqueness and differences while embracing that they are who God says they are.  The MaRked In Tulle Project was created with the purpose that young girls/women all over the world will unite, celebrate themselves and each other while acknowledging that their beauty, their identity and their validation only stems from Christ Jesus. The MaRked In Tulle Project is dedicated solely for young girls/young women ranging from the ages of 7-14 years old and 15-21 years old. Every young woman involved will be taught the importance of self-love, using their voice, compassion, empathy, purity, genuine love, building  and maintaining healthy relationships, healthy boundaries, maintaining self respect, respect for others, self-awareness and so much more. The MaRked In Tulle Project also raises awareness to self harm, suicide prevention,  homelessness, low self-esteem, self-hate, bullying, peer pressure etc.

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If you're in the CT area and you'd like your youth to be a part of our next photo shoot email us today by clicking the link below; for more details and to find out all that's included. Not in the CT area don't worry we still have so many virtual activities and opportunities that your youth can participate in as well. For more details email us today.


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