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A series of faith, humor, love, encouragement and transparency. Let’s Park and sit for a few minutes. There’ll be bloopers as this channel is Uncut, unscripted and drenched in love, laughs and Jesus. Nevertheless, I look forward to our faith increasing together. Join me for some daily inspiration and encouragement; let's chat a bit, laugh, pray and have relatable conversations with the intent to impact, compel, encourage, motivate, uplift and draw every listener closer to Christ Jesus. You'll hear horns blowing in the background, witness cars driving by and so much more as these videos weren't created to display perfection but instead authenticity, compassion, empowerment, love, bloopers and so much more. So, pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee, some tea or if you're leaning more towards Ice cream get your bowl and your spoon. May you all be encouraged, inspired and impacted. May each video speak positively and inspirationally to your heart, mind and spirit and may you all be drawn closer to Christ and have the courage to be who He has created you to be by any means necessary, even if it ruffles feathers. God bless you!"


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